Girl in facemask during COVID-19 pandemic

All of Us and COVID Research

COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) Survey

We invite you to take part in a new survey about how COVID-19 is affecting you and your community. It's called the COVID-19 Participant Experience, or COPE, survey. This pandemic affects us in many different ways. Even if we ourselves do not get sick, it can affect our physical and mental health. Learning more about this is important for researchers.


We hope you will take this survey once each month until the pandemic ends Getting your responses each month helps us learn how the COVID-19 pandemic affects physical and mental health over time. You can take the survey by logging in to your All of Us account.

Antibody Testing

Researchers are eager to learn more about when COVID-19 arrived in the United States, and how it has spread. As one of the largest and most diverse research resources available, All of Us can help them answer those questions. We will be testing stored participant blood samples to look for antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19. Antibodies may tell us if a person has been exposed to this virus in the past. We will test stored samples from the participants who joined most recently. Participants whose samples we are testing do not need to do anything, as we will be testing their stored blood samples.

COVID-19 is caused by one strain of coronavirus, but there are many types of coronaviruses. Scientists are still learning whether having antibodies means you have been exposed to this new strain or a different one in the past. (Some common colds are caused by viruses related to this new coronavirus.) Scientists also don't know yet if having antibodies protects you from developing COVID-19 in the future.

Why EHR data is important

During a pandemic, it is critical to get good information quickly. In the All of Us Research Program, more than 200,000 participants have shared EHR data. This information tells us so much about your health. It may also tell us if you were diagnosed with COVID-19 or have had symptoms.

COVID-19 affects people very differently. We want to help researchers understand why that is. EHR information can show patterns across different people. This may help explain why some people have certain symptoms and others don't.

We are working to make sure that EHR information is easy for researchers to use as quickly as possible. As always, your privacy is our top priority. We will remove any information that may identify you before we let researchers use the data.